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2017-2018 School Calendar



August 14                               Monday                                   Teachers Inst. Day–No classes; Back to School Night-PK 6:00pm

                                                                                                Back to School Night-K 7:00 PM

August 15                               Tuesday                                   Teachers Institute Day – No classes

August 16                               Wednesday                              First Day of School (Full day)

August 22                               Tuesday                                   Back to School Night—2nd grade 6:30 PM; 4th—7:00; 6th—7:30

August 24                               Thursday                                  Back to School Night—1st—6:30 PM; 3rd—7:00; 5th—7:30

September 1                            Friday                                      School Improvement Day (SIP) – Early Dismissal (A Schedule)

September 4                            Monday                                   Labor Day—No School

September 8                            Friday                                      Grandparents’ Day

September 15                          Friday                                      Mid-Terms Go Home

September 15                          Friday                                      Cerro Gordo Homecoming-Early Dismissal after the Parade

Sept. 25-Oct. 5                        Monday-Thursday                    Elementary Book Fair

September 28                          Thursday                                 Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 – 7:30 PM

October 5                                 Thursday                                 Parent/Teacher Conferences    4:00 –7:30 PM

October 6                                 Friday                                      PT Conference Compensation day – No School

October 9                                Monday                                   Columbus Day—No School

October 11                              Wednesday                              Elementary School Pictures

October 13                              Friday                                      End of First Quarter

October 20                              Friday                                      Report Cards Go Home; Harvest Day Party

November 10                          Friday                                      SIP Day-Early Dismissal (B Schedule); Veterans’ Day Assembly;

                                                                                                Mid-Terms Go Home

November 22-24                     Wed-Fri                                   Thanksgiving Break—No School

December 1                             Friday                                      Elementary School Pictures (re-take day)

December 2                             Saturday                                  5th/6th grade musical 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM JH Gym

December 4                             Monday                                   3rd/4th grade music program 7:00 PM JH Gym

December 11                           Monday                                   Grades 5-12 Band/Choral Concert 7:00 PM HS Gym

December 20-21                      Wed.-Thurs.                            Semester Exams – 1:53 Dismissal

December 21                           Thursday                                 End of First Semester

Dec 22-Jan 2                           Friday-Tuesday                       Winter Break

January 3                                 Wednesday                              Teacher Institute Day—No Classes

January 4                                 Thursday                                 Classes Resume

January 5                                 Friday                                      Report Cards Go Home

January 11                               Thursday                                 Sports and Activities Pictures

January 12                               Friday                                      School Improvement Day—Early Dismissal (A Schedule)

January 15                               Monday                                   Martin Luther King Day—No School

February 2                               Friday                                      Mid-Terms Go Home

February 12                             Monday                                   1st/2nd grade music program 7:00 PM JH Gym

February 14                             Wednesday                              Valentine’s Day Party

February 16                             Friday                                      School Improvement Day—Early Dismissal (B Schedule)

February 19                             Monday                                   President’s Day – No School

March 9                                   Friday                                      End of Third Quarter

March 16                                 Friday                                      Report Cards Go Home

March 19-23 (tentative)           Monday-Friday                       Illinois Science Assessment for 5th grade students

March 21                                 Wednesday                              Elementary Spring School Pictures                                        

March 28                                 Wednesday                              School Improvement Day—Early Dismissal (A Schedule)

March 29-April 2                    Thursday-Monday                  Spring Break—No School

April 4-20 (tentative)                                                               PARCC Assessment for 3rd-6th grade students

April 9                                     Monday                                   Open House 6:00-7:00 PM; K performs at 7:15 JH Gym

April 13                                   Friday                                      Mid-Terms Go Home

April 27                                   Friday                                      School Improvement Day—Early Dismissal (B Schedule)

May 7                                      Monday                                   4th grade recorder concert/5th & 6th grade band 7:00 PM HS Gym

May 14-15*                            Mon.-Tues.                             Semester Exams – 1:53 Dismissal

May 16*                                  Wednesday                              Teacher Institute Day—No Classes

*Dates for semester exams, teacher workshop, and last day of school will be determined by the use of snow days not made up.

If one (1) emergency day is used: Semester Exams are May 15-16—TI May 17—HS Graduation May 26

If two (2) days are used:      Semester Exams are May 16-17—TI May 18—HS Graduation May 26

If three (3) days are used:    Semester Exams are May 17-18—TI May 21—HS Graduation May 26

If four (4) days are used:     Semester Exams are May 18-21—TI May 22—HS Graduation May 26

If five (5) days are used:     Semester Exams are May 21-22—TI May 23—HS Graduation May 26

If six (6) days are used:       Semester Exams are May 22-23 – TI May 24 – HS Graduation May 26

If seven (7) days are used:      Semester Exams are May 23-24 – TI May 25 – HS Graduation May 26

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