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Classroom Rules

Madame's Rules


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Bienvenue à la Classe de Français!!!!

Madame Moore

1. All students should be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.

2. All assignments are expected to be turned in on time when they are due.  Late work will be accepted up to two days later, but not for full credit.  After two days, late work will not be accepted.

3. If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get missed work.  If the student was absent two days he/she will get three days to make up the assignments.

4. No bookbags/purses are allowed in the classroom.

5. Grades will be determined by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible.  My grading scale is as follows:

100-90       A

89-80         B

79-70         C

69-60         D

59-             F

5. Cheating will NOT be tolerated!!  It takes two people to cheat and both of you will be punished.  Copying homework will result in a zero for that assignment.  Cheating on a test will result in a zero on the test.

6. DO NOT take a textbook off of my shelf!  Bring YOUR OWN book to class and take it with you when you leave.

7.  There will be no food allowed in the classroom.

8. When you arrive in my classroom, put your cell phone in one of the pockets on the “cell phone holder” by my desk.  You can go up to get it at the end of the hour.

If you need any extra help, please ask.  I am here to help you.  Feel free to come to me before or after school.  My prep period this year is 7th hour.  I will be glad to go over anything again with you to be sure you understand the material.